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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 25, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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president obama lands in the bay area tonight on a whirlwind fundraising tour across the west. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang.
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air force 1 touched down around 5:30 and then the president was whisked off to a couple of fundraising parties. thomas roman has been following the president, and he joins us live from the faremont in san jose where mr. obama is staying. thomas? >> the president is in for the night. we are here in san jose where the president is addressing after a whirlwind tour of fundraising. it has taken them from washington state to the bay area. air force 1 touched down at 5:35. president obama emerged to the cheers of about 50vip's and dig gnaw tears -- dignitaries allowed on the tarmac. obama shook hands and hugged people and high fiveed with a woman who caught his attention, and he even signed a couple autographs. then he went to his first fundraiser at the home of john thompson. on the way he was greeted by a platoon of angry tea party
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activists. >> to let mr. obama know what we think of him and his policies. every day it gets worse and worse. >> there were half a dozen obama supporters, but they were heavily outnumbered. >> 300 people were expected to pay it is 2500 apiece to meet the president. the take is $750,000. earlier at the atherton home of cheryl sandberg, a $35,000 a plate dinner is being prepared for the president. security at both venues is extremely tight with highway patrol, sheriff and secret service. at this dinner, the donations are expected to top $2.5 million. the reception here in atherton was warm and welcoming. people gathered and were only able to capture a glimpse of the motorcade as it passed by around 8:00 p.m. but for many, the small glimpse was exciting. >> it is pretty anti-climate
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particular to stand out here for an hour and you can see 10 cars go by. >> the visit seems almost mercinary. >> i don't like the amount that finance plays in politics and in our american politics. i wish he didn't have to do this kind of fundraising. it seems to be an -- an de mic, and i wish we didn't have that. >> he had a simple message for the president. >> i think it needs to get tough. i think it is being pushed around a lot, and he is not getting his message out. >> now, tomorrow the president will take part in a social media town hall. it will be at the computer history museum in mountain view. there he will talk about his jobs bill and take questions from people who have lost their jobs looking for work or trying to further their careers. from there he will go to san diego and los angeles for more fundraising. for now, he is in for the night. reporting live, thomas roman,
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abc news. >> the president's job approval rating has dropped to 46% among californians. democrats the rating is down 10 points from 69% in june. republican national committee spokesman ryan mahoney says californians deserve to know why obama seems to care more about fundraising and empty rhetoric than he does about putting californians back to work. >> in east oaknd la, police shot and killed one man, and they are searching for another. police say a routine traffic stop near cherry street and 99th avenue turned into a foot chase and a scuffle while officers shot the man who they say was armed. it happened before 5:00. >> once they caught up to the individual, a struggle ensued. during the struggle the subject was armed with a firearm which posed it to the officers. the officers discharged their weapon and the subject was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> police say they recovered
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suspected it narcotics from the scene. the second suspect sped away and police are looking for him and the car at this hour. also in oakland, a candlelight vigil was held in memory of a patient who died under the care of a replacement nurse. the vigil comes during bitter labor negotiations. a one-day strike lead to a lockout and the hiring of replacement nurses. sergio has reaction tonight. >> these nurses say they serve patients in the oncology unit here at this hospital. they were stunned to hear a patient in their unit died on saturday morning while they were locked out. >> i am truly shocked by this, truly shocked. it should have never occurred. >> it got to this level where a patient lost their life, and it could have been prevented. >> they are members of the union that has been knocked out of the sutter health
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hospital following a one-day walkout. torres showed up for work on friday, and then was turned away. the nurse's union is putting the death of this patient squarely on on the shoulders of sutter health systems. >> this is one more example of how sutter put their profit before their patient. if they cared about their patient we wouldn't be standing here in the rain. we would be inside there where we belong. >> according to oakland police, this still unnamed patient died early on saturday. a replacement nurse allegedly gave the patient a nondescribed dosage of medicine and it turned out to be lethal! the major crimes unit is heading up the investigation. >> to have something like that is a huge, huge shock to your system. so of course after this incident she is no longer providing medical care at our facility. we are helping care for her, we are reaching out to the
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patient's family. >> he wishes the union nurses wouldn't have walked out in the first place, but seter health is confident about the qualifications of the replacement nurses they hired because of the five-day lockout of union nurses. >> that was sergio queen -- quintana reporting. within a 48-hour period two wheelchair bound men have been killed by hit-and-run drivers. santa clara police say a 67-year-old man died after being stuck and dragged 300 feet. it happened at the intersection of homestead road this, month. on friday night in richmond, another wheelchair-bound man, 52-year-old david cox was killed by a hit-and-run driver. police believe the suspect was driving an older model black lexus. and there was another hit-and-run crash that killed a 37-year-old woman today. it happened in menlo park on highway 101 at about 5:30 this morning. police say a ford pick up hit the victim in a red honda
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civic from behind. the civic was struck by a taxicab. the victim is identified as jacqueline stomp son of daly city. it is described as a 1960s or 1970s tan or rust colored full size ford pick up, and it should have some front end damage on it. a communications break down lead to a gas leak scare in pittsburgh today. police went door-to-door evacuating dozens of residents on dover way. that's the sound of natural gas that spooked everyone. pg&e says it wasn't a gas leak. it was a scheduled gas release that was part of a pipe maintenance plan. they were notified yesterday, but police and firefighters say they were expecting the vee lease earlier in the day. pg&e says work will continue tomorrow. they are home, and they are angry. josh fattal and shane bauer
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spoke to reporters. they were freed on wednesday after being held two years in iran on charges of spying and trespassing. the two uc berkeley grads say their i'm -- imprisonment was both brutal and political. >> we had to go on hunger strike repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones. many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten, and there was nothing we could do to help them. >> this was never about crossing the unmarked border between iran and iraq. we were held because of our nationality. >> very were arrested with share raw shored who was -- sarah shourd who was released last year the. may launch a campaign to free other political prisoners around the world. you may have felt two small earthquakes shake the bay area tonight. the largest was a 3.5 centered north of san leandro. three minutes later a 2.3 quake hit three miles west of
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the san francisco zoo. the quakes were recorded on our seismo cam. they commented about it on facebook. leah fernandez says it felt like a sudden jolt. it only lasted a few seconds, and linda parker says she felt it here in san leandro. a loud rumbling and house creeking. you can join the conversation at facebook .com/abc7 news. well, the flight attendant of the future as seen through the eyes of pan am and stanley kubrick. and what flight attendants from the past think of the new abc show, pan am. and one of the worst weeks on wall street in years. can more trouble be on the way? >> and good evening. jeff martinez in for leigh. not a bad evening. a few clouds off the coast. a nice shot of the embarcadero. clearing conditions for your monday, and wait until you see the hot temperatures i have in my seven-day forecast. that's coming up next.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to abc launched the premiere of "pan am." the retro series takes us back to the day when's a flight attendant was called a stewardess. leslie brinkly talked with 30 or so pan am flight attendants. >> it was so glamorous. i flea from 1961 to 1971. >> her uniform fashioned the costumeses on the tv show. this former pan am steb word ess -- stewardesses talked
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about flying around the world and staying in the best hotels. >> it was exciting and dangerous. we were flying out of war zones and evacuating american citizens and flying out of vietnam. taking out the gi's for their r and r, their much needed r and r. >> most brought photos of themselves in uniform and recalled the weigh ins. you had to maintain the weight you were when you were hired or you were fired. as for flying now -- >> not to insult the airlines now, but it is a budget thing. we served caviar. we cooked the roast beef to order. >> and they served champagne and cherries jubilee. and then there were celebrity. >> i met rod sterling. it was the best time. it was in manila. he came to our party and partied with us. >> the ladies say those were truly the glory days. leslie brinkly, abc7 news.
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>> and about 40 years ago, a brilliant director based a film on the pan am of the future. in his drive to discover, richard hart looks at modern travel as viewed by stanley kubrik and abc and nassau. >> this is the flight attendant of the future as envisioned by stanley kubric in his movie " 2001: a space odyssey." >> one of the scenes there is a flight attendant walking up a flight of stairs. they had the sticky velcro stuff and she was doing this exaggerated walk. >> this is the flight attendant of the past as depicted by abc in the television series "pan am." things didn't pan out for pan american or for couldc who was looking at technology that we would be passengering people in space 10 years ago and pan am survived. in flight calls would be
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placed with a video phone the size of a refrigerator a buck a minute. but it doesn't mean we can't be space travelers. >> they are planning to have something like a pilot and a copilot and maybe five passengers. >> they are private companies virgin galactic and blue origin. >> it is not a big enough vehicle right now to have much in the way of flight attendants. >> >> the tiny spacecraft haven't flown a single passenger yet. >> i think there will be a business of people selling space tourism. >> scott hubbard is the former director of nasa aimes. working at stanford university, he was instrumental in developing the closest thing we have to a passenger plane at the edge of space. sophia, a 747 converted by nasa into a giant, flying observe observatory for nonastr. the name, clipper lindbergh after the first pan am airliners. >> no flite -- flight
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attendants. >> richard hart, abc7 news. >> on the top particular pick of -- on the topic of travel, soaring das gas -- gas prices are in the rear view mirror. the national average is $3.54 a gallon. the bay area still with the high nest the nation with an average of $3.90 a gallon. the lowest price was in manchester, missouri, $2.96 a gallon. a blanket of fog is covering the bridge. >> the clouds are rolling back in, and that's what we saw all day long, especially in the morning hours. a live look from the sutro cam and normally you can see the bay bridge there. the cloud bank rolling in this evening. as you wake up for your monday morning, we may see a few clouds out there especiall along the coast. the precipitation, the little that we had is all out of here. live doppler 7 in hd is
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showing some clouds along the coast. the high temperatures today are not too bad. hope you enjoyed your sunday despite the clouds. the temperatures still warm in the mid70s. only had a trace of rainfall. most areas couple hundreds of an inch. the storm system petered out, and all we really got with it were the clouds and that's about it. so not a bad day. not a bad evening. the temperatures right now in the 50s for most areas. oakland, good evening to you. 59 degrees is your temperature right now. los gatos, 60 degrees. a few clouds mainly along the coast. sunshine by the afternoon. should be a beautiful monday. and wait until you see the temperatures by tuesday into wednesday. we are talking about some 90s inland. here is what is happening. the front moved through pretty quickly throughout the day. high pressure building in right now, and it will be with us throughout much of the week. that means some pretty warm temperatures. the accu-weather forecast through this evening, again things clear out nicely with the exception of the coastal
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areas. that should burn off too. in fact, i am looking for temperatures along the coast to be perhaps in the upper 60s and lower 70s by tuesday and wednesday. really warming up this first week in the fall. lows in the mid50s in most areas, not too bad. and as we head into tomorrow, your monday, a few clouds in the morning, otherwise sunny conditions and lots of 70s to go around. in fact, temperatures are pushing 80 degrees. i think by tuesday we will see a lot of 80s here. so warming up each day. downtown should be beautiful tomorrow with 68 degrees. south san francisco about 70. looking for plenty of 80s around the north bay. wine country should be beautiful with 80 degrees in sonoma. and out toward the east bay, looking at 74 in oakland and about 76 in castro valley. 80s tomorrow. but by tuesday and wednesday, we will be talking about lower 90s and perhaps mid-nineties toward livermore. it will be heating up in the middle of the week. toward the monterey bay, we
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will see 69. santa cruz, a pleasant 74. 82 in gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, again warming up the next few days, especially by wednesday. and then we will start to cool things down by the end of the week. next weekend could get interesting. some of the computer models showing a front moving through and maybe some precipitation. but we'll keep an eye on that. enjoy the week. >> thanks, jeff. rick quan is in for shu and both nfl teams got a taste of victory. >> not a lot of stops for the 49ers, but a win is win. it was just enough to get by cinncinati. and the raiders bring down the jets thanks to a weapon called darrin mcfaden.
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when talking about his team, oakland head coach hugh jackson says he wants to build a bully. they got a chance to show how good they are against the big, bad jets. rex ryan tried to make himself heard, but ofcfaden has a huge day. new york tied the contest and
11:25 pm
then took the lead when long-time nemesis ladanian tomlinson scores on this from sanchez. rally behind mcfaden. he gets to the outside and makes a move and is gone 70 yards for a touchdown. january you gnaw cow ski field goal made it 17-17. a trick play puts the raiders at the top. lookout, the rookie dives in for the touchdown. after the jets fumble, michael bush goes in for the score. the raiders improve to two and one with the victory. >> playing rex ryan and for our team to come out here. >> they were supposed to be a bully team. i think today we came in and did our part and we showed we are getting there.
11:26 pm
>> the 9ers and jim harbough were in cinncinati. they had 92 yards of offense, and they didn't cross until the third quarter. smith gets nailed by nate clements. smith was sacked five times. the bengals' rookie did not fare much better. he is leveled by brooks. cinncinati lead at the half 3-0. after talking to harbough about getting more involved, davis had a big game with eight catches for 114 yards. this lead to a game-tieing field goal. but early in the fourth, frank gore coughs up the ball deep in niners territory, but the bengals turn that into a field goal and a 6-3 lead. san francisco answered with the only touchdown of the day going 72 yards. kendal hunter takes it in. i can aers added a 53-yard field goal. the game wasn't sealed until reggie smith made a diving interception with two minutes to play. dalton was picked off twice as
11:27 pm
san francisco improves to two and one with a 13-8 victory. still to come, the giants' tim lincecum makes his final start of the season. and with more than $11 million on the line, bill hause makes a splash at the tour championship.
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restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer.
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career, tim lincecum will wind up with a losing record. he took the loss in arizona to fall and 13 and 14. at least one giant fan went home happy. the d-backs go the to lynn saw lincecum in the first inning. it is a two-run double to right center. bruce bochy also wasn't around for the finish. he got thrown out. arizona wins it 5-2, and the giants come home to wrap up the season against colorado. the a's have all but ended the ain jelz's wild card hopes. it should be a game-ending double play, but the rookie throws the ball into center field. oakland goes on to score four times in the 9th and wins it 6-5. the angels are now three back in the wild card with three games to play. the tour championship went to
11:31 pm
a playoff between bill hoss and mayhem. he stayed alive with this terrific shot. he would par the hole and goes on to bin on the third extra hole by taking the fedex cup. hoss collects more than $11 million. in college football, lsu replaced oklahoma as the number one team in the ap ranking. stanford has fallen from fifth to 6th and that's your toyota sports report. >> baseball season is pretty much over for us, so hopefully the nfl will be more exciting. >> both teams are 2 and 1. >> not a bad start. >> thanks, rick. the delay on a bill that could save the state millions. >> a bill offering protections and help for consumers, car dealers and taxpayers, so what's the holdup? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and one of the worst weeks on wall street in years. could more be on the way? a look ahead to next week.
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now you caadd some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. i'm alan wang. 234* tonight's top story, president obama is spending the night in san jose after a full day of fundraising. tonight he attended some pricey gatherings in woodside and atherton. tomorrow he will speak at a
11:35 pm
town hall meeting in mountain view before flying to southern california. a candlelight vigil was held in oakland in memory of a patient accidentally killed by a replacement nurse. the sponsors of the vigil were members of the nurse's union who believe they could have prevented the death had they not been locked out during a labor dispute. in oakland police say officers killed a man after a traffic stop, foot chase and scuffle. two men were in the car when it was pulled over. one suspect is still at large. and the two hiker rez leased from iran did not have kind things to say about their captors. josh fattal and shane bauer say they were political pawns and called solitary confinement the worst experience of their lives. last week was a painful one for a lot of everyday american investors. many watched their 401k's lose an entire year's growth in a few days. tonight, a look at what was behind it as we head into another week on wall street. >> over the last week stocks
11:36 pm
sank more than 6%. it was the worst week in three years since the height of the recession. fears that we were headed for another recession or we are already in one. the last seven days have wiped away an entire year of gains. what youkedded to your ira, 401k, children's college fund, gone. and while the markets were watching washington and jobs in this country, they are watching something else, greece, on the press saw pus of collapse. it could take down many of the economy with it and they loaned greece hundreds of billions of dollars. they would be left with the tab, and there is fear there could be a domino of bank failures. the european economies are giving greece even more money for their own economic survival. >> the world is in a danger zone. in 2008 many people said they did not see the turbulence coming. leaders have no such excuse now. >> many feel help for greece
11:37 pm
is too late and italy could be next. essentially europe's version of our economy here. >> abc reporting. and it is monday morning in the asian financial market, and the selloff continues overseas. the stocks have been lower in japan, south korea and hong kong. in california, the governor has a bill on his desk that would give recession -weary car dealers cash and protect car dealers and save the state millions of dollars. so what is the holdup? michael finney has been looking into it. >> if passed, this new law would change the way cars are sold in california. registration would be computerized. saving the state about $9 million a year. in exchange for doing that, car dealers could increase document fees for $45 and $55 to $80. and if had car had been tote teal -- totaled, consumers
11:38 pm
would have to be told. >> it is more than they can offer used cars for -- before they can sell the used cars, they have to check the database. if it has a branded title like flood, nonrepairable or lemon law buy back, then they have to put a warning sticker on the car. >> and here is what it would have to look like -- warning, junk, salvage, and that's the sticking . -- stick point. not the sticker. everyone agrees that's a good idea. but the database. the law has dealerships checking only the federal database when there are private options available including auto check and car -- car facts. >> we are completely in for disclosure, but to mandate the means for disclosure would limit consumers and dealers ultimately. >> the national director of governmental relations are testifying before the committee. he says it all comes down to
11:39 pm
choice. dealerships and consumers should be allowed to choose the best vehicle report, to choose between the federal database and the private providers. >> our whole point is to disclose. they want out toe check, and they want to use car facts. that's fine. but just disclose and have a choice in that disclosure. car facts and auto check are really good products. i don't want to disparage them in anyway. if i am buying a new car, i am going to get those products because they give you additional information. >> he wrote the bill and said a federal database is not the end all, be all, but it is important. >> this is good information that would be disclosed, and it is the only information that is federally required. >> there is no word on what the governor plans to do, but he has until october 9th to make up his mind. we will of course be keeping track and will report back.
11:40 pm
i'm michael finney, seven on your side. a cal student met trying to diffuse the firestorm by an upcoming bake sale. they are earn cked by a bake sale being held on tuesday. the price for a cookie or brown knee depends on the customer's gender and ethnicity. the gop students are protesting pending legislation that would allow uc to consider a student's race or ethnic origin in the admissions process. tonight the student government would pass a bill that would make it easier to file a complaint if they are offended by activities on campus. the real "pan am" behind the scenes with the original steb word ess -- steb word ess. >> and we have a few clouds moving in off the coast right now. otherwise not a bad evening is shaping up. another shot of the bay bridge. but wait for the seven-day
11:41 pm
forecast. i will have your complete weather coming up in a little bit.
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thousands of breast cancer survivors and others touched by the disease joined in the 21st annual susan g komen race for the cure in san francisco today. many of the early morning participants warmed up before taking their place at the starting line at justin herman plaza. the event raises thousands of
11:44 pm
dollars to help develop a cure for breast cancer. it is estimated about one in every eight women in the united states will develop breast cancer. finding a cure is key. it was one of the most anticipated premieres of the fall season. abc's "pan am" aired tonight. they gave brian copeland and lizzy bermudez the story of living the high life back in those days. >> we worked galleys. we made roast beef from scratch. we cooked everything. we had five or six carts that went out with calf -- caviar and cheese and fruit and dessert. >> you have caviar on a flight? >> you bet. >> it was from russia. it was -- iran. it was phenomenal. it was first class. it was so glamorous.
11:45 pm
>> can i ask a question, i am looking at all of the lovely different shades of blue. are those your original uniforms? >> we were chatting before the show went on the air because you are from different eras. >> 1974 to 1979. edith head designed it. >> the costumeser. >> this is? >> 1956. >> here we have? >> late 70s and early 80s. >> and down here? >> 60s, late 60s. >> this is what we haven't seen. >> 69 to 72. and this is an evan picone. >> now how many of these did you keep? that's what i'm cure russ -- curious about. >> i have four of the original. >> i'm sorry, did the steb -- stewardess have to buy your own. >> the first du. >> how much was it, do you remember? >> in 1957 it was $130. >> how much did you make a week in 1957?
11:46 pm
>> in a month. it was $230 a month. >> we often had to speak another language other than english and we had to have two years of college education. and before us you had to be an rn. >> you had to be an rn? >> way before us. we had real stipulations. we had to weigh in before we went on a flight. if you were overweight you got called on the carpet. >> do you remember what was the weight? >> it was according to a chart your height and weight. it was like for 5 foot 3, 5 foot 4, i think it was like 120 pounds. >> how much would they let you be over, five pounds, 10 pounds? >> no, you would have to weigh right in. you had to be inspected and have your heir either up in a ponytail or short. it couldn't be on your shoulders. we had to look spiffy. >> all right. you can watch 7 live every weekday right here on abc7
11:47 pm
news. jeff martinez is in forly glasser and he is looking spiffy himself. >> good sunday evening to you. hope you had a great weekend. today wasn't too bad. a few clouds and a little drizzle and mist here and there. most areas just picked up a couple hundreds of an inch to a trace of precipitation. east bay hills, maybe a 10th of an inch at the most. but the temperatures today weren't too bad. sunshine came out in the afternoon. we had mid70s in vallejo and 72 in san jose. 62 in santa cruz. right now temperatures in the 50s and near 60 degrees in oakland. looks like a pretty good evening. we do have some clouds streaming back in along the coast. that marine layer is edging back in through the early morning hours we will start out with a few clouds, and we are looking for a dry and warmer week. this big ridge of high pressure builds in.
11:48 pm
that weak storm system will be long gone by tomorrow, and we are looking at a nice day. lots of sunshine expected. each day temperatures will start to warm up a few degrees. temperatures will drop into the 50s. again with some fog along the coast. some is working its way into the golden gate. by tomorrow afternoon things are looking good. high temperatures in the 80s from santa rosa to near 80 in napa to about 77 in palo alto and san jose close to 80 degrees. lots of sunshine. we will be looking at mid-nineties perhaps near livermore by say tuesday and wednesday. the heat will be back on. down toward monterey bay, 69 and santa cruz 74. the seven-day forecast again we are starting to warm things up here by say tuesday and into wednesday. wednesday 94 degrees in some of the inland locations. lower to mid-nineties and 80s in the bay and even the coast could see lower to
11:49 pm
mid70s and we have more of an offshore flow. then we will cool back down next weekend. we may see precipitation next weekend. we'll keep an eye on it for you. it looks like a great week if you like the warm weather. >> thanks. rick quan in for shu. and some great games with the raiders and niners. >> coach hugh jackson talks about building a bully in oakland. >> they kick a little sand in the jets' faces. the 49er does just enough to beat the bengals. >> and mark sanchez was against oakland. what he had to say about the what he had to say about the silver and black.
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
oakland two years -- when the jets came to oakland two years ago they handed them a 38-0 loss. today was a slightly different story. before a sold out coliseum, rex ryan trying to make himself heard. it was the raiders who scored first. mcfaden around the right side. he add huge day with 171 yards rushing. new york tied the contest and took the lead when the raider nemesis ladanian tomlinson scored. oakland trailed by 10 before coming back. mcfaden gets to the outside and makes a move and he is gone 70 yards for a touchdown. a long field goal made it 17-17 at the half. 5* trick play here put the raiders on top. it is a double reverse to moore. the rookie will dive in for
11:53 pm
the touchdown. after the jets fumbled the ensuing kickoff, michael bush strolls in for the score. the raiders improve to 2 and 1 with a 34-24 victory. sanchez was seakd four times -- sacked four times today. >> we didn't dig in buffalo. we dug today. talk about priming a pump. we will pump this thing out. we got to it and our guys are believing. jeer not where we want to be yet, but i promise you that this team is getting there. >> i feel like they are a revamped raiders group. they have momentum on their side. they came out and knocked us around in the third quarter. we taught back hard at the end , but it was too late to come back. >> the 49ers had trouble moving the ball in cinncinati. san francisco had just 92 yards of offense at the half. it didn't -- they didn't cross the 50 until the third quarter. smith gets nailed by former teammate nate clements.
11:54 pm
the bengals' qb didn't fare better. he gets leveled by brooks. cinncinati lead at the half 3-0. after talking to jim harbaugh about getting more involved in the offense, davis had eight catches for 114 yards. that grab lead to a field goal. early in the fourth quarter and frank gore coughs up the football deep in niners territory. the niners turn it into a 6-3 lead. san francisco answered with the only touchdown drive of the day with gore on the bench and kendal hunter takes it in. he was 10-6 san francisco. after acres added a field goal he tried to bring his team back, but reggie smith makes this diving interception. he was i can ped off twice as san francisco improves to 2 and 1 with a 13-8 victory. next week the patriots come to oakland. new england lead buffalo 21-0. but the bills came all the way back. tom brady tied a career high with four interceptions.
11:55 pm
florence brings it back 27 yards for a touchdown. buffalo takes the lead. he hits w le ker on fourth and goal for a touchdown. the game is tied. he kicks a 28-yard field goal to give the bills a 34-31 victory. buffalo snaps a 15-game losing streak to the patriots. the texans and saints had a wild finish. find the bouncing ball. he goes in for a touchdown. houston lead by one with four minutes left. the saints go marching into the end zone as mark ingram scores the game winner. new orleans wins the shootout. for the first time in his career, tim lincecum will wind up with a losing record. he took the loss in arizona to fall to 13 and 14. at least one giants fan went home happy. the d-backs got to lynn saw yum in the first -- lincecum in the first inning. lincecum gave up five runs and
11:56 pm
eight hits in five innings. bruce bochy was not around for the finish. the giants come home to wrap up the season against colorado. the a's have all but ended the angels' wild card hopes. it should be a game inning double play. the rookie throws the ball away. oakland scores and wins it 6-5. the angels are three back in the wild card with three games to play. the tour championship went to a playoff between bill hoss and mahan. hoss stayed alive with this terrific shot from the water. he goes on to win on the third extra hole by taking the tour championship and the fedex cup. hoss collects more than $11 million. and in college football, lsu has replaced oklahoma in the ap rankings. stanford has fallen from fifth to sixth, and that is your toyota sports report. >> and that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang with jeff martinez and quick quan.
11:57 pm
thanks for -- and rick quan. thanks for -- and rick quan. thanks for staying up with
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